…um was geht es eigentlich?

12. März 2012

Nun haben wir schon einige Einblicke hinter die Kulissen der Produktion gewährt, aber um was geht es eigentlich in der Oper „Deidamia“ von Georg Friedrich Händel? Hier ein kurzer Abriss:

In order to elude the oracle’s prophecy that he shall perish in the Trojan War, Achille’s parents dispatched him as a child to the safety of the court of King Licomede in Sciro. There he grows up disguised as a girl named Pirra. He nevertheless falls in love with Licomede’s daughter Deidamia. Ulisse approaches Licomede to solicit support for the Trojan campaign, and suspects that Achille is hiding in the palace. According to the soothsayer Calchas, the Greeks cannot prevail in Troy without Achille. Licomede denies harbouring the young man.

Ulisse courts Deidamia, arousing Achille’s jealousy. During a hunting expedition, Achille proves to be such a good marksman that Ulisse is convinced he has found the one he seeks. He makes provocative advances to ‘Pirra’, to Deidamia’s dismay. But Achille does not fall for the trick.

Ulisse devises a new ruse: he offers the ladies at court all manner of gifts, including a splendid set of weapons. Achille cannot resist: he dons the helmet and gives himself away. Trumpets announce the party’s departure for Troy, and Achille announces his willingness to take part in the battle. Deidamia is inconsolable, but she allows Ulisse to marry them. They will never see each other again.

Quelle: http://www.het-muziektheater.nl/en/program/2011-2012/deidamia/



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